Doing What God Says

Confess our sins!! I have struggles just like anyone else and sometimes this old weak flesh gets in the way of what the Holy Spirit wants me to do. I know, as I am also a business man, and I see it all the time where the almighty dollar causes us to do things that just are not what the Lord would have us do. We even get mad when someone does us wrong in business and want to get even, but let me say this: It does not matter if the person who did you wrong professes to be a Christian, teaches Sunday school, usher at church, has a businessmen’s devotional every Monday..if God is not first in their life they will never change and your getting even will only cause you to have to ask forgiveness….God will Handle IT!!!

And I am not alone. We go through struggles everyday—we must have the word of God in our heart, mouths, mind, soul and spirit. Well if you are hunting the hand book to read to work out all your problems: Financial, marriage, working with others, accepting others failures, raising children, working with so-called Christian, ministry, church families……..

I have just the book for you!!! A number 1 best seller of all time: The Word of God—The Holy


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