Holy Spirit of Fire is an extension of Tim Henry Ministries, through which we are striving to explain, detail, and prove in scripture that the same blessings which are promised and given in the Bible still exist today for everyone who believes. Through the book “Holy Spirit of Fire”, a scripturally based book, with which examples are given, with over 500 scripture quotes, proves the evidence of the Holy Spirit and all the gifts and fruits, that come with the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the church but that He did make it necessary that we have and freely receive the Holy Spirit, to show us all things in “Spirit and Truth.” We know the Word of God, the Holy Bible, is the ordained word of God, but we also believe that the “Holy Spirit of Fire,” will give a detailed explanation into the who, what, where, when and how of the Holy Spirit, to person who has recently been born again, a young Christian, a layman, preachers, or even the one that is curious about the Holy Spirit. We have done the researching, in scriptures, for you and put it all in one book with questions and answers about Holy Spirit.

Tim Henry is the lead Pastor at Independent Worship Center, formally known as Faith Worship Center, in Tifton, Ga. Tim has been the Pastor at Independent Worship Center (IWC) and was the Pastor at Faith Worship Center, before the name change, since March of 2011. IWC has been through and faced many obstacles, but we have been victorious through them all, because of our mission. We believe in a church where Jesus Christ is the head of the church, with everyone coming under the submission of Him including the Pastor. Before one enters the sanctuary at IWC they will walk under a sign that states our mission. “IWC is a church striving for excellence in Jesus Christ through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.” We know and believe in the Trinity, the whole Word of God, the Bible, and do not believe the word can be changed or that God has changed His mind / word because man has changed. IWC is not a large church but we have found two things that work all the time, when we love people and glorify Christ as the head of the church, you will never fail.

Tim Henry Ministries, and “Holy Spirit of Fire” are both independent from IWC. However, IWC is the pulpit along with others, where God has given Tim Henry the opportunity to get HIS word out into a world that has put HIM aside. Tim Henry Ministries believes that no man or woman, young or old, rich, or poor, educated or uneducated cannot be loved by God or ministered to through the word of God. It is our goal in this ministry to full fill the word of God.

The field is white already for the harvest!

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by Tim Henry

Holy Spirit of Fire is a scripturally based book of the how, when, and where of the Holy Spirit gift. Holy Spirit of Fire brings the realization of the Holy Spirit from the time of Jesus’ walk on this earth, the meaning of the Cross of Calvary for a believer, the day of Pentecost, and what we now have available for us today through the promises of Jesus Christ shown in the Holy Bible.

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