Make The Lord Great Again In America! Part 6

Make The Lord Great Again In America! Part 6

How do I make the Lord Great again in my house? It is often amazing how one question, just poses another question, such as: But how do I get there? Where do I go? What type of church do I attend? Do I need to go to church? I believe, but I still don’t know about certain scriptures in the Bible? My original thought was; until we get our house right it will be hard, if not impossible, to reach out to others to help them put their house in order. How do I get there, to get my house in order? First get in the word of God. I don’t just mean read the word of God, but study the word of God. In our church, we have a designated schedule, where someone could read the Bible in a year, but I warn everyone this is just a format, but understand and seek the knowledge of the word as you read. Where do I go? The first two questions are intertwined but the second part has two answers: Prayer closet and church. Which led to other questions. How do I pray? For starters, do not go to the Lord, with a grocery list of all your wants. So many people go into prayer seeking something of little value from the Lord. I say, “seek a relationship with the Lord.” Seek the Lord’s will in your life and let Him show you the places He would have you to act. Submission to the Lord is one of the first steps in humility.

Where do I go to church? If you are not in church now, I would suggest, to get involved in a church where the Spirit of the Lord is evident. Do not get involved in a church where man’s agenda is more evident than God’s. God’s agenda will be evident in a church: prayer, praise, and seeking the Lord. If you are in a church and not seeing these things evident, why are you there? I hear many things of why one attends certain churches: Mom and Dad, softball, youth program, my co-worker, I like the way they sing, (notice, the way they sing, not praise, there is a difference), I feel good when I leave, (but are you changed), the Pastor is fine with what I do outside the church, my Grandfather was a founding member, the Pastor does not preach against….

This moves us to another question, I believe some of the scriptures?
The word of God does not change and anyone who thinks you have a different relationship because of who you are, your pedigree, dollars in the bank, job title, who you are married to, you are wrong.
To wrap it all up attend a church and get involved where the whole word of God is preached and taught.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Cor. 3:17)

The word of God does not change because the world changing. God’s word is still God’s unchanging word and sin is still sin. The anointing of God is still available, prayers are still answered, we must repent for sins, and Jesus is still on the throne. We cannot say I believe this in the Bible and not this, we must hold on to the unchanging word of the Lord. What God gave to the men and women before us, recorded in the Bible, He still gives to all of us and one of those is the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

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