Make the Lord Great Again In America! Part 4

Make the Lord Great Again In America! Part 4

We say we believe, but believe in what? This was a question that I asked in the very first blog that I sent. An excerpt from “Holy Spirit of Fire” may have the answer.

We have put our faith in the fleshly things which grow the following: manipulation, envy, drunkenness, idolatry, adultery, witchcraft, strife, jealousy, domination, money, sex, glory, power, greed, hate, bitterness, spite, vengefulness, and other fleshly human strengths that only bring us down and work like a cancer in our life.

If you read your word you know of the Ten Commandments…Exodus 20
If you read and study you will find where if we fail the last commandment, the tenth, will cause you to break all other commandments. The only way one will overcome this, is by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
In “Holy Spirit of Fire” the tenth commandment is explained as one of the commandments we must not and cannot break if we want the fullness of the Lord in our life. The reason I go through an explanation of this commandment is that it along with the first commandment, if not upheld, will cause us to break all the others. If we do not have the first commandment and the last right, we could break all the others.

Honor the Lord Your God and thou shall not covet.
Sounds easy, right? I started this message with fleshly things. If you are in these you are not honoring God, and when the honor is gone the covetness starts.
Are you living a life as a lukewarm Christian? Does any of the above sound like you and the devil has taken and taken?

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