Make The Lord Great Again In America! Part 3

Make The Lord Great Again In America! Part 3

If you have followed along I have asked many questions. Do you know or have you found the answer? One of the first questions I asked, “do we realize that the devil is standing at the door of our land?” Some of you may say President Donald J. Trump is the President which the “Evangelicals” wanted us to vote for and endorsed, let me stop you right there, President Donald J. Trump, is not and cannot stop what is going on around us right now. Only the power from God can stop what is happening right now. Can Trump stop the drug epidemic, AIDS, starvation in America, racial unrest, sanctioned murder of babies, kids being born out of wedlock, and the list goes on? The answer is simple and easy to figure out, “NO.” This country will not change with another march, or “we need to start a conversation,” a college riot, a walkout on the Senate floor, demonstration, killing, new laws and regulations.
Who is causing all the previously mentioned? God or the Devil? It is not God!

Ever heard of the story about ZIKLAG in the Bible. If not read the story of Ziklag. I feel that right now, this very moment, there are too many Christians just plain tired, just like in the story of Ziklag. We do not want to fight the good fight anymore, we have just given up. But, I also believe that there is a group of warriors out there ready to go back and get everything the devil has stolen from you. If we stop now the devil has won.
The only way this land will change is to put God first in everything that we do—
We must be sold out in heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit to the Lord and be led by the Holy Spirit. There was a time when that was the case, where families were brought up in church, where kids went to church and wanted to go to church, where families wanted to go into the house of the Lord and praise the Lord, when we believed, and acted by faith.
One other question, have you used what you have been given to get your house in order?

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