Make The Lord Great Again In America! Part 1

Make The Lord Great Again In America! Part 1


There is a slogan that has been used in America for the last several months, which by now, unless you have been under a rock or just climbed out of cave, you have more than likely heard. I think we do need to make America great again, but we will not and cannot make America great again without God’s help.

I take great pause in what our leadership is doing in this country, no matter which party line you are affiliated or independent. But, even greater than that, what we as voters are allowing to represent us when we pull a lever in a vote. I vote we as Christians take a stance, that if you are not a born again Christian, with fruit which is displayed, we will not endorse.

To many of us in this country and world, that call ourselves Christians, have given up on the leadership of the Lord. We are looking to everything from Obama-Care, Trump, government in general, or somebody to bail us out. There was a time in this country when and if someone would have yelled out when someone was about to pray, the person doing the yelling would have been hauled out. There was a time when leadership feared God. Now, I fear, that not even “Church going people, so-called Christians,” fear God. I wonder do we understand the wholeness of the Lord. Somewhere in this whole imbalance of power, we left the Lord out. We have put people in charge that say they are Christians, but promote murder and other acts against the word of God. Do we understand that the devil is standing in the doorway of our house, country, and world? We have forgotten that there was a promise made almost 6000 years ago, by God Himself that He would put enmity between us and Satan, that old serpent. We say we believe, but, believe what? We say we understand about Jesus. But most of us do not realize that the first promise about Jesus came in Genesis. Let alone that the Holy Spirit was here in the beginning as well. Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His role in our lives? When was, the Holy Spirit, manifested to the world? How did He (the Holy Spirit) become a gift to all that believe? By whom do we need to be led by? In my book, Holy Spirit of Fire, I go through an explanation and answer these questions in the very first chapter.

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