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  • Holy Spirit of Fire” by Tim Henry is a thorough exploration to the origins and purpose of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit to the followers of Jesus Christ. Using colloquial style and biblical scripture, the author demonstrates for his readers that the role of the Holy Spirit to bring glory to Christ through the Spirit’s workings in our lives.

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  • I just started reading Holy Spirit of Fire this morning, and I am very pleased to say that this is certainly a book worth purchasing. Everything said has been backed scriptually, and with different Bible translations for easy understanding. Tim Henry did a fantastic job of explaining the Holy Spirit and the need for God's presence in our lives

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  • Inspirational and encouraging to the believer as Tim Henry shares scripture from God's word with his beliefs and knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Also a powerful tool to share with the unbeliever as Tim shares his personal testimony of the workings of the Holy Spirit in his own life.

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  • Wow!! One time read is not enough. I have read the Bible several times,but to have questions and answers about the Holy Spirit all in one place is fantastic. Should be required reading for all new converts as well as those who have been believers for a while.

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About The Book

Holy Spirit of Fire is a scripturally based book of the how, when, and where of the Holy Spirit gift. Holy Spirit of Fire brings the realization of the Holy Spirit from the time of Jesus’ walk on this earth, the meaning of the Cross of Calvary for a believer, the day of Pentecost, and what we now have available for us today through the promises of Jesus Christ shown in the Holy Bible.

About The Author

Tim Henry is from South Georgia where he and his wife Bonnie enjoy a life with 5 children, 7 grandchildren, and more on the way. Tim has lived in South Georgia for 50 years on the farm where he was raised. A Pentecostal Pastor of Independent Worship Center, Evangelist and Author, Tim believes in the fullness of the word of God, The Holy Bible.


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